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Tuition & Discounts

Tuition 2024-25
 MONTHLY X 11 = ANNUALnon-refundable
Preschool  (3 Days)$537×11=$5,907$410
Kindergarten (3 Days)$548×11=$6,028$410

*Annual Fee

This fee is non-refundable and serves for the returning families as a guarantee of Continuous Enrollment. For the new families, this fee guarantees a place in the class. Student school supplies are included in the Annual Fee.

Enrollment Fee

$125 per student
$300 max per family
$0 – this fee has been eliminated due to Continuous Enrollment Program

**The enrollment fee is non-refundable.

Hot Lunch

PK and K ( 3 days)$ 53/month$5.00/meal
 (about $4.45/day) 
PK and K ( 5 days)$ 88/month$5.00/meal
 (about $4.45/day) 
Grades 1-10 (5 days)$ 98/month $6.00/meal
 (about $4.95/day) 

Payment Options

  • Annual Payment – 5% discount (if paid by check/money order by August 1st; convenience and transaction fees will be applied for the payments made by credit/debit cards.) This discount may not be available if children are registered after the first day of school;
  • Semester Payment – 2% discount (if paid before the 1st of August and February.)
  • Quarterly – 0% discount (quarterly payments due on the 20th of each quarter: Aug, Nov, Feb, May.)
  • Monthly – 0% discount (11 payments on the 20th of each month, Aug-June) Auto Pay ONLY.


Referral Program

Refer a family that enrolls their child(ren) to TCA and receive a $300 credit (applied to your account in October 2022). $300 credit for each new family will be applied to the referring family’s account.

Church Membership

Tacoma Christian Academy is an educational ministry of the Slavic Christian Center (SCC) and uses most of the church’s facility free of charge. This is possible due to the faithful and regular tithes and offerings made by the SCC church members. Upon verification from the SCC senior pastor, active church members will get an annual tuition discount of $500 per child.


  • 1st – the oldest child – 0%
  • 2nd – 10%
  • 3rd – 20%
  • 4th – 40% 
  • 5th – 60%
  • 6th – 80% off

SCC Ministry and Faculty Discounts

Inquire about more information, including applications, at the school office.


(Optional): Students in 8-10 grades may receive $500 per semester (minimum GPA of 3.7 or above in the preceding semester), a total of $1,000/year.  Requirement: attending TCA school at least for one year. Approved member of the TCA Honor Society. The GPA and exemplary behavior verification are required every semester.  Please, request a scholarship application at the office. Application fee – $25.

Tuition Assistance

There is no deadline for online application submission. However, the TCA tuition assistance funds are limited and will be distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis. The application fee is $48 and is non-refundable. This fee is in addition to the $100 Enrollment Fee.

Tuition Assistance: CLICK HERE to find more information.

Tuition assistance applies to the tuition cost only. Other annual fees will be applied without a discount.

Tuition FAQ

I will be applying for Tuition Assistance. What if I don’t know my tuition payment for next year?

When a completed Tuition Assistance application and supporting documents are submitted and verified before April 20th, the student’s enrollment becomes contingent upon acceptance of Tuition Assistance. Tuition Assistance will only be awarded when accounts are current.

If the Tuition Assistance award does not work for the family, continuous enrollment payments are refundable, less $25, only if the tuition assistance application is complete and the deadline has been met.

When can I apply for Tuition Assistance?

Currently, enrolled families may apply for Tuition Assistance anytime after January 1st. The application must be completed and verified by FACTS Grant and Aid by the April 20th deadline.

Tuition Assistance award letters are sent to current families after the first Continuous Enrollment payment installment is paid in February.

Tuition Assistance application fees are paid directly to FACTS Grant and Aid, a third-party company, and are non-refundable.