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About Us

Our Purpose

Seeking transformation to advance the Kingdom of God.

Our Vision

Tacoma Christian Academy will provide a truly Christ-centered education to the students of different backgrounds resulting in the graduates who are

#1 firm followers of Christ. 

#2 lifelong learners committed to hard work and excellence.

#3 humble servants in the Slavic community and beyond.

Our Mission

Within a context of Slavic Christian heritage, TCA partners with families to educate students’ hearts and minds as we–students and staff–seek the glory of God and the service of others.

TCA Measure


  • Follows Jesus Christ
  1. Observable through active membership in local church
  2. Observable through ministry local church
  3. Observable through the practice of spiritual disciplines of prayer and Bible study
  4. Observable through community service
  5. Observable through Christian lifestyle (which demonstrates character)
  6. Observable through spoken testimony
  • Pursues Education
  1. Observable through earning high school diploma
  2. Observable through pursuing college or vocational/technical school
  3. Observable through Bible college involvement
  • Service
  1. Observable through employment and education
  2. Observable through volunteering and ministry
  3. Observable through homelife
  4. Observable through contribution to the Slavic community

Our History


Tacoma Christian Academy is a private Christian school located in Tacoma, Washington. We serve students in Kindergarten through tenth grade. Governed by the TCA School Board, the academy operates as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. It holds membership in ACSI and WFIS, and boasts dual accreditation from Cognia (formerly AdvancED, NWAC) and ACSI. There are about 350 students, with 25 full-time classroom teachers, three full-time special subjects teachers, and four full-time administrative staff. There are currently ten part-time teachers and TAs.


Slavic pastors and community members discussed the establishment of private Christian schools among immigrants from Eastern Europe as early as the 2000s. As more and more refugees with Slavic backgrounds settled in Tacoma and Seattle areas, they became interested in starting a school where students may get training to be fully equipped in life: spiritually, academically, socially, and physically. Tacoma Christian Academy was meant to be an institution that achieves these goals while preserving the best of the Slavic culture and heritage.


In 2005, Mr. Andrey Ivantsov and Rev. Peter Sayenko, with the help of Mrs. Elena Solodyankin, founded an extension of Valley Christian School in Tacoma. The school was later renamed Tacoma Christian Academy and was a member of Northwest Christian Education until 2017.


Tacoma Christian Academy has experienced significant growth in student enrollment and staff over the last five years, with a focus on maintaining the school’s mission and goals. The school aims to educate students in a Christian worldview, develop moral character, and provide quality academic education while promoting service to God and others. TCA also emphasizes the preservation of Slavic cultural and spiritual heritage.
The school offers a comprehensive curriculum, including core subjects, Russian language, art, music, and physical education. Students also participate in extracurricular events and competitions, displaying exceptional leadership skills and achieving success in various areas.
TCA’s growth and success have been supported by the dedication of the school board, principal, teachers, and the wider community. The recent completion of the Education Center was a significant milestone, made possible through the efforts of the Parent-Teacher Fellowship and the support of parents, church members, and the community.
The school takes pride in offering a distinctive intellectual atmosphere that combines Eastern European educational traditions with an American sense of individuality. TCA's dedication to collaboration between parents and staff fosters a family-friendly environment and student achievement.
Looking ahead, TCA anticipates continued demand for a quality, whole-child education in a safe Christian environment and invites others to join in supporting the future of the school and its students.