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Natalya Golub

Natalya Golub

Russian Language Teacher


Natalya has been at TCA since 2017 as a traditional Russian teacher. She graduated from Magadan Medical College (Nurse Diploma), Clover Park College (HSPA certification), and a Child Care provider course. In addition, Mrs.Golub is serving in a musical ministry (choir). Her favorite subjects were Russian, Chemistry, and Algebra during her school days. Natalya enjoys Russian-Ukrainian and Chinese cuisines. 

When asked about her travel plans, she said, “When I was ten years old, I had a dream to visit the United States(Alaska) with my school musical group. My dream came true at the age of 16 when I visited the United States of America for the first time with a Christian youth group.”

Natalya likes to spend time with her family and friends Outside work, swimming, and reading medical (natural remedies) books.

Mrs.Golub is encouraged by the Word of God, discussing it with her husband and son; and listening to sermons, testimonies, and Christian songs. If she manages to help someone according to her strength and capabilities, this brings her pleasure and joy.