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Primary Curriculum (Pre-K & K)

Pre Kindergarten

The preschool program at TCA is designed to nurture a love of learning. Young children grow and learn in an atmosphere established by our affirming teachers, a high-quality curriculum, and an integration of Christian values. Responsive to the interests and development of the whole child – intellectually, spiritually, socially, and emotionally – TCA provides a preschool program that is both interactive and age-appropriate.

Bible (A Beka) – The Pre-K Bible curriculum covers Salvation, Creation, Cain and Able, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Samuel, David, Salvation Series, Christ’s life, and other favorite Bible stories. Each month, teachers integrate a godly character trait into lessons and train students on how to participate in chapels.

Numbers (A Beka) – This curriculum enables students to develop a solid foundation in the language and basic concepts of mathematics, such as introduction to numbers 1 to 100; addition and subtraction combinations; understanding of more and less; and understanding of before and after numbers.

Phonics/Language/Reading (A Beka) – Students use a strong phonics program that enables them to learn the names of all letters in the alphabet. The curriculum includes letters, sound recognition, and blending of sounds. Students will learn a proper pencil grip in order to trace lower and capital letters. Students will be able to read sentences, simple stories, and sight words. Students will use these skills in order to speak in clear sentences and express their ideas.

Science (A Beka) – Preschoolers will learn about God’s plan for birds, animals, and people. Students will learn about seasons, weather, seeds and plants, insects, and ocean life. Students will perform some hands-on activities to tie learning with understanding.

Social Studies (A Beka) – Students will learn some interesting facts about other people, different professions, and their own families. They will learn that God created all people in His image and for His glory. Students will learn about different places in the world and be familiar with basic map skills.

Field Trips – Students visit Point Defiance Zoo, Hands-On Museum Olympia, Fish Hatchery, or Fox Hollow Farm to enrich the academic program and build their friendship. Parents are welcome to participate.


TCA Kindergarten students are building an essential foundation in the areas of spiritual/social/emotional development, language and communication, motor control, citizenship in a community, creative expression, and of course academic skills and knowledge. The emphasis at TCA is given to core content areas including Bible, a phonics-based reading program, mathematics, science, social studies, and handwriting.

Bible (A Beka) – Students will study the lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Enoch, Noah, Adam, and Jesus. Through memorizing Bible verses, they will have God’s Word to help them daily as they learn about Creation, salvation, Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection, missionaries, and more.

Math (A Beka) – Students will learn numbers concepts from 1-to 100 and practical skills including telling time; bill and coins value; using the calendar; addition and subtraction combinations; story problems; time by the hour; measurement; fractions; money; counting by 5’s and 10’s; and correct formation and sequence of numbers.

Reading/Phonics/Language (A Beka) – Students will associate pictures with words, enhance their vocabulary, develop reasoning and listening skills, and follow directions. Students will apply their understanding of one and two-vowel words, special phonics sounds, and blends to create words, finish sentences and solve puzzles. Students will develop and use communication skills for speaking in complete sentences. This program reinforces oral reading and comprehension skills. Teachers introduce students to sight words and implement the use of selected core literature books.

Penmanship (A Beka) – Students will learn proper pencil grip, formation of manuscript upper and lower case letters and numbers, words, and simple sentences. Students will be taught to neatly print letters and the character qualities of neatness and caring for their work.

Science (A Beka) – Students will develop their love for science while learning about God’s world. Students will be introduced to concepts such as health, seeds, animals, the seashore, weather, and the fact that God has given His entire world a specific purpose.

Social Studies (A Beka) – Students will be introduced to simple geography concepts and the beginnings of American history. Students will enjoy learning interesting facts from different countries, meeting children around the world, and understanding the roles of different community helpers.

Field Trips – Students may visit places such as Point Defiance Zoo, Olympia’s Hands-On Museum, the Fish Hatchery, and the beach. Parents are welcome to participate.