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Field Trips and Activities

Tacoma Christian Academy is a school where learning happens in a variety of settings. Class field trips, sports activities, family events, and church ministry, are provided for all age levels.

Field trips

Field trips are chosen to match the curriculum and be age-appropriate for the students. They supplement the learning that happens in the classroom by offering hands-on experience, and a fresh perspective, and raise a greater interest in learning academic subjects. Parent chaperones are always welcome. A background check is required along with a valid driver’s license and insurance if driving services are offered.

For the primary students, the main objective is to provide opportunities for exploration of the world. Typical field trips include the pumpkin patch, the zoo, the farm, and Children’s Museum.

Elementary students expand their explorations to explore their academic subjects such as history and science in a different setting. A variety of history and science museums and nature centers and parks make this an enjoyable experience.

Secondary students primarily focus their trips on practical life skills such as visiting prospective colleges and learning how to do research in libraries. Many sports opportunities are also provided at this level.


TCA PE teacher and coach Mr. Andrey Dragonchuk aka Mr. D., trains students of all ages with after school coaching offered for secondary students. Basketball, volleyball, and soccer competitions are organized with other Slavic schools.

Ministry opportunities

Students from Preschool to 10th grade participate in weekly department chapels, gather for an all-school chapel monthly. In addition, each department prepares and leads service at Slavic Christian Center from two to three times a year. These opportunities prepare students for future church ministries.

Family events

TCA hosts events that unite the students, staff, and parents by providing a time and a place for fellowship. These vary from volleyball competitions to scavenger hunts, to a spelling bee, and an annual auction. One of the most unique yearly events is Slavic Culture Celebration Day when students and parents dress in traditional costumes and celebrate their heritage through poems, stories, songs, and other performances.