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Enrichment Program

Tacoma Christian Academy offers an Enrichment Program (EP) on Mondays and Fridays for three-year-olds and four-year-olds. The program’s main focus is to provide children with opportunities for healthy social adjustment, train them in school procedures, and teach them basic mathematical and language skills. EP prepares children for the next school year making it easier for children to quickly adjust to the academically more intensive programs of Preschool and Kindergarten.

In Arithmetic’s child will learn:

    • Count to twenty in both English and Russian
    • Recognize numbers one through ten
    • The concepts of numbers one through ten
    • To put puzzles together
    • To sort objects by size, shape, and color

In Language Arts/Reading child will learn:

    • The alphabet
    • To recognize letters and their name
    • Language development and listening skills

In Social Studies child will learn:

    • About different community helpers (e.g. Police, Firefighters, Doctors, Nurses etc.)
    • Be introduced to the map, name of country, state, and other major places

In Health child will:

    • Learn the importance of good nutrition, adequate sleep, cleanliness, tooth care, exercise
    • Learn to observe and identify weather changes

In Bible child will:

    • Learn about salvation
    • Learn stories from both the Old and the New Testament
    • Memorize short Bible verses

In Art child will learn:

    • To color within lines
    • Eight basic colors
    • To use ruler and scissors correctly

Social Development skills child will learn:

    • Playing with others
    • Participating in classroom routine
    • Sitting in a group and listening
    • Following directions
    • Waiting his/her turn
    • Cleaning up after work/play
    • Helping classmates
    • Participating in discussions/activities